Review of Mystic Fear by Jan Evans Whitford

“To be wronged is nothing unless one continues to remember it” says Jan Evan Whitford, the author, through one of his characters in this ultimate non-stop adrenalin generating thriller.

Unfortunately for Nikki O’Conner, the heroine, the one she has wronged 25 years ago continues to remember it. Fortunately for us, the readers, we get to read this incredibly satisfying thriller as a result.

15-year-old Nikki, a gorgeous cheerleader, innocently accepts a high school double-dog dare to play a prank on a dashing but extremely shy male schoolmate named Marion Hess. The prank is called the “Marion Hess Fact-Finding Commission”. You must read this novel to find out what fact Nikki is supposed to find out. Also, find out why Marion feels he is so fatally wronged that he still continues to remember it, hatching a relentless “Nikki O’Conner “Become” Mission”.

Let’s fast forward. Nikki, at 40, is still as gorgeous and sought after. She is now a park ranger and life is good for her now. She has survived two husbands and now is happily married for three months to a third husband who adores her. As a testament of his undying love, he gives her a rare antique purple brooch.

The plot thickens when they discover after they have the brooch appraised, that it is worth a million dollars. However, little do they know that legend has it that this beautiful object brings bad luck to all but its rightful owner. Well, Nikki is obviously not the rightful owner, because when she comes home one night, she finds her beloved third husband murdered and Marion’s message addressed to her at the crime scene, hence the title, Mystic Fear.

Reading this novel is like going on a non-stop roller coaster ride through a series of romance, mystery, psychosis, and murderous chain of events, all of which leads to Marion’s obsession to make Nikki “Become”.

It is also amazing how the author, Jan Evan Whitford, is able to juggle an enormous array of engaging characters and copious number of subplots, and tie them all together neatly and beautifully to give it such an agreeable ending. Bravo! Mr. Whitford.

I would strongly recommend this thriller to readers who want it all and are willing to risk a heart attack reading it!

Yuke Man, Reviewer, Allbooks Review International

Title: Mystic Fear
Author: Jan Evan Whitford
Publisher: RealTime Publishing, Limerick, Ireland
ISBN: 978-1-84961-156-5
Price: $14.99
March 2011


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