Enjoy a book review of Tony Samara’s ‘From the Heart’

“The topic is consciousness—an aspect that everyone here and many
people around the world are putting a lot of effort into understanding—and
I would like to highlight some of the misunderstandings around
consciousness so that perhaps those misunderstandings, and those other
ideas that the mind likes to create to confuse us as individuals and also
as a society, and as a family and as a group of people, can be looked at
with clear intention and let go of.”

From the Heart is a collection of Satsangs (Sanskrit for spiritual discourse, talk with the divine) that can be found on the author’s website: http://www.TonySamara.TV. All of the clear and precise Satangs were recorded in the Garden of Light in Germany. Facet by facet, the author reveals an important life lesson and a step toward living from your deeper, spiritual self.
Chapters include Let Go of Jealousy, Believe in Yourself, Consciousness, Fasting & Love, Meditation and many other topics that will entertain, educate and profoundly alter the way you see life and your own reality. The opening paragraph of this review is an example of the writer’s style and deep commitment to his lessons.
Reading this book is like listening to a conversation filled with awe inspiring wisdom. Readers are captivated by the words page after page. Instruction is simple, and easy to apply- if you pay attention and really hear what is being said, really take it into your core being and believe that it is the “Truth.” You can change your life and this book is the first step in finally applying all that you have heard and learned; the final missing link to happiness and peace.
One of the things that appealed to me about this book is the supporting website where readers can continue their journey. I am now a regular visitor to both the site and the youtube versions of the meditations and I know you will be too.
Highly recommended by reviewer: Shirley A. Roe, Allbooks Review International http://www.allbooksreviewint.com

Title: From the Heart
Author: Tony Samara
For more info: http://www.tonysamara.org & http://www.tonysamara.org/lang_en/booksUK.htm
March 2011


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