Nominees for 2009 Allbooks Review Editor’s Choice Award

Title                                        Author                            Genre

Soldier’s Odyssey           Cecil Cline                Memoir/Biography

Regina’s Closet                Diana Raab                Memoirs

Painter of Shanghai        Jennifer Cody Epstein        Fiction

All the Stillness of the Wind     Donald James Parker        Fiction

Wizard’s Legacy            Ashley Simmons            Fantasy/Sci Fi

A Death at the North Pole        Joel M. Andre        Fantasy/Sci Fi

Lighting the Dark Side        William R. Potter        Short Stories

Heavier than Air                Nora Caspers            Short Stories

Frankie the Walk n’ Roll Dog    Barbara Techel    Children

The Frog in the Well           Irene T. Tsai & Joyce Lin           Children

We are all One, A Call to Spiritual Uprising
                                            J. M. Harrison                Inspirational

Law of Attraction        Aiman A. Al-Maimani        Inspirational

Critical Conditions: The Essential Hospital Guide to Get Your Loved One Out Alive
                                    Martine Ehrenclou, M.A.        Health

The Mmiracle of Bio-Identical Hormones
                                    Michael E. Platt, M.D.            Health

Confessions of a Real Estate Mini-Mogul
                                    James S. Pockross                Business

Street Smarts for Global Business    Rob Day        Business

The Days of Peleg            Jon Saboe            Historical Fiction

A World of his Own: In the land of the Creoles
                                      Arlette Gaffrey                Historical Fiction

A Jolly Good Fellow    Stephen V. Masse            Mystery

Breathing out the Ghost    Kirk Curnutt        Mystery

Dear Anais                     Diana Raab                Poetry

Some of the Parts                Gerry Rzeppa                Poetry

Congratulations to all of our nominees. The winners will be announced in January, 2009.


8 Responses to “Nominees for 2009 Allbooks Review Editor’s Choice Award”

  1. Nice page, I am impressed with the look. I have read some of these books and I highly recommend you check them out. Good luck to the nominees. By the way, Allbooks Review is a great site with great personal service and excellent prices.

  2. Pearl Droy Says:

    Great newsletters, always informative. Visit the site too. It is excellent for new authors.

  3. Cheryl Ellis Says:

    With international connections and strong values; Allbook Reviews has an exceptional source of information and promotion for the literary world. Reviewers have diversified backgrounds, which enables all genres to receive a competent review. Congratulations to all of the Editor’s Choice nominees. For complete information visit the website at

    Listen to Shirley A. Roe talk about her book, The Whittaker Family Reunion Feb. 2nd at 9 p.m EST or 10 pm CST.

  5. Dawn Beaumont-Lane Says:

    Allbook Reviews International website is an excellent source of information for new writers and published authors. The website is easy to navigate and is very resourceful.
    I have recommended Allbook Reviews to all my fellow students and mentors at the Writers Village University I also send out the link for the wonderful News letter.
    Without the managing editor Shirley Roe’s encouragement and help, I would not be a successful published author. Thank you Shirley.

  6. Allbooks Review is a great source for honest reviews and assistance with writing projects. The website contains a plethora of information, is easy to move through, and if you send an email, you will receive a timely reply.

    Managing Editor Shirley Roe and her team read a lot of books, so you know when nominations are out, you can’t go wrong with reading any of them.

    Whether you are already published, or are on your way to publication, Shirley and Allbooks Review are helpful resources.

  7. I enthusiastically endorse Shirley Roe and Allbooks Review. Initially, upon completion of my book, a colleague suggested I submit it to Allbooks Review, for their review. I did and received an accurate depiction of my book. I soon learned that Shirley was an accomplished author as well as the editor of Allbooks Review.
    This novice got aboard and eagerly accepted all applicable services she offered to her clients. I can only attest on behalf of myself; however, I am certain Shirley has been so helpful to others in her areas of expertise and importantly in recognition of one’s individual work. Allbooks Review certainly epitomizes the fine quality of books that pass through this organization, and a definite reflection of their esteemed editor. Best wishes and success to the ever-growing, Allbook Family!

  8. Thanks to everyone who has left a comment. Our clients are our best advertising.
    Allbooks Review is one of the most cost effective promo sites for authors. Check it out today.

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