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ALLBOOKS REVIEW is the review source for POD AUTHORS as well as Traditionally published authors.  We do not discriminate between TRADITIONAL AND POD PUBLISHERS.

ALL BOOKS WELCOME.  Great coverage for your book for twelve months +.

Our reviews are honest and forthright.

We wish to make it clear, we do not charge for reviews, only the complete promo package based on the review.

Our complete review and author promotional package is less than $50.U.S and includes entry in the Allbooks Review Editor’s Choice Award (a $50 value)     Unbelievable value!!

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Looking for book signing events, click here. As one of the Allbooks authors you too can post your upcoming events absolutely Free. You can also sell your book in our Allbooks Bookstore.

One Response to “About Allbooks Review”

  1. Ned Jones Says:

    I would like to request Shirley Roe who did a review for Donna Smith for her book “2 Lionhearted Groomers … Lee & Eileen’s Journeys.” Donna recommended Shirley Roe to review my book “Life With A Thoroughbred Named Evander.” This is a true story about Evander. His funny antics, heart warming moments, and how to have a good relationship with your horse. I am a first time author. This book is written from my heart. It is not a professional work. I wanted to share Evander’s story and have their lives touched as he has touched my life.

    My email address: nedsphot@pacbell.net

    Thank You For Your Time,
    Ned Jones

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