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Review of The Age of Amy Bonehead Bootcamp by Bruce Edward

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Have you ever been to a bootcamp? How about one where you fall into a world where your inner personality shows clearly through your now animal head? Well that’s exactly what happens to Amy Dawson when her parents send her to Bonehead Bootcamp.
After her big move from the city to the Midwest, which she isn’t happy about, she strikes out at her family until they’ve had enough. Her parents decide that Amy needs a change of attitude and think the best thing for her will be to send her to Bonehead Bootcamp. As it turns out Bonehead Bootcamp isn’t your average bootcamp for troubled teens. It’s actually a scary, fantasy land where a goat man forces Amy and three other teens to see their real selves and change the animals they truly are inside.
The Age of Amy Bonehead Bootcamp is truly a book about finding one’s real self and getting over the bad animal like parts of the human personalities in the world. Amy represents the average kid really well, who is angry about moving and lashes out. The twist in the story is a different idea that is actually a really great way to show the many different types of people by making their heads look like animals.
The author Bruce Edwards does a really great job setting up the plot of the story. He also does a good job at creating the characters so that they really do match the types of animals he makes them. I highly recommend this book for new readers from middle school to early high school kids who are looking for a great read about teenagers around their own age.

HighlyRecommended by Reviewer:Chaselyn Kenney,AllbookReview International

Title: The Age of Amy Bonehead Bootcamp
Author: Bruce Edward
Publisher: Lambert Hill
Price: $9.95 paperback
ISBN: 978-0-9837604-0-5
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Date of review: April 2012

Review of To Kill the Duke by author Sam Moffie

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Take a journey back into the 1950s, alongside a cast of familiar characters, and re-visit the ‘Cold War’ in a different light…!

Author, Sam Moffie, creates a tidal wave of excellence pouring out and onto each page of his latest literary work, ‘To Kill The Duke.’
Moffie constructs a work of art in this piece of – historical facts meets fiction. As a history buff, I have always been interested in learning more about the ‘Cold War’ and the major consequence it had on our history as a whole. What if I was to tell you a soviet plot was constructed by Stalin, to find and assassinate the one and only – American film icon, John Wayne, aka ‘The Duke!’ Sound crazy? Historical documents prove just that! Sam Moffie combines historical facts of the cold war with colorful fictitious characters and humorous situations – all which play a riveting role in this masterpiece. True to fashion, Moffie’s dialogue glitters among this star-studded cast of characters.
What do ‘Susan Hayward,’ John Wayne,’ and Howard Hughes’ have in common – besides all being iconic film legends? They are all immortalized in Moffie’s tale of suspense, espionage, and humor.
I am thoroughly impressed with the amount of time and research Moffie put into creating ‘To Kill The Duke.’ Toward the end, Moffie lists the cast and crew specifying their careers and untimely deaths.
‘To Kill The Duke’ is a fascinating read that any history buff can appreciate – any reader for that matter that is searching for a book with a unique plot, mesmerizing characters, and enjoys dark humor.
Sam Moffie has written four previous novels – I highly suggest that you check them out as well!
Highly recommended by Barbara Watkins, Allbooks Review Int.

Title: To Kill The Duke:
Author: Sam Moffie:
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN# 9781461147060
Pages: 362
April 2012