Allbooks Review Int. sponsors review contest for Friday Kids Club

Award-winning North Gower author and reviewer, Emily-Jane Hills Orford is working with a group of creative young writers in Kanata, Ontario. These young writers belong to the Friday Kids Club. They are working on various writing projects including a book review challenge and competition sponsored by Allbook Reviews International. ( This competition features the work of Dawn Beaumont Lane who generously supplied the students with copies of her book, “The Witch’s Tale” for review.

Author Dawn Beaumont Lane lives in Ontario, Canada. Originally from England, Dawn suffered the pains of dyslexia as a child. Having overcome this difficulty, she continues to write and encourages others with this learning disability to live their dream. Her first children’s story book was Fairy Glade and Other Enchanting Tales. We wish to thank Dawn for her generous donation of 12 books for our contest. Please look for copies of The Witch’s Tale on, , Book stores … Canada… Coles Books Store, Indigo/Chapters and US Barnes and Noble and Borders, in the UK at Waterstones.

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Shirley A. Roe
Managing Editor,Allbooks Review International
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