Review of Signals from the Soul by Ann Muller

Genre: Memoir/ Inspiration/
Title: Signals from the Soul
Author: Ann Muller

“All the things I thought were wrong with my life were actually signals from my soul that there was something I needed to learn.” Intro

Ann Muller made a life changing visit to author and regression hypnotherapist, Pam Chilton. During a follow up session, she learned that her poor eyesight was a result of witnessing the crucifixion in a past life. Unbelievable, perhaps, but it was the beginning of Ann’s journey into the past.
Another regression to third century Holland, helps Ann deal with relationships. Many issues such as adoption, sexual abuse, repressed emotion, and dreams were explored during future sessions. Each time, the author was able to resolve an unfinished issue from her past. The author takes readers into her sessions in great detail, explaining how the session helped her deal with, and explain, problems in her present life. She now talks to her Higher Self, communicating with her very soul and it’s purpose. She received direction and guidance daily.

Author Ann Muller lives in Palm Springs, California where she invites others to learn how she brought about positive change in her life so that they can apply the same strategies to theirs.

This book would be a definite starting place for readers considering hypnotherapy, or those that are seeking solutions to life’s problems. Not everyone will want to take this route but it worked for Ann and it could work for you, pick up a copy today and decide for yourself.

Highly Recommended by Reviewer: Shirley Roe, Allbooks Review Int.

Title: Signals from the Soul
Author: AnnMuller
Publisher: Inner Self Press
ISBN: 9780983653202
For more information:

Dec 2011


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