Review of At Risk: Passion and Peril at Sea by Jackie Ullerich

“Take a Cruise on the Dead Sea – Or is it a Cruise with Death!”

Author, ‘Jackie Ullerich’ writes a chilling thriller – tosses in some romance and suspense for seasoning, and the recipe is complete. Her literary recipe has just the right amount of show and tell. Her creation of descriptive characters and striking scenery – along with believable dialogue, makes for one exhilarating read.
Tracy Bradshaw is a young socialite in a troubled marriage, juggling a husband with an intense aspiration for political power, and a mother-in-law that demands perfection. Craving adventure, she books a cruise for her and her husband, Peter. However, with a full schedule on his plate, he declines – tells her it might do them good to have time away from one another. Determined to make the best of it, Tracy goes ahead with her plans. Upon boarding the cruise ship, her mundane life takes a drastic turn as she finds herself among many seedy characters.
Joanne Watkins and her husband, Jack, are indeed colorful characters. Joanne is quite fond of cocktails – morning – noon and night. Who could blame the poor woman with a retired military officer – neo-Nazi sympathizer as a husband? Their relationship makes for a volatile plot in itself.
Patty and Ben Redford’s marital relationship is the epitome of what marriage is all about…well, almost. Ben, a consultant for the FBI, often brought his work home. With a PhD in economics, he managed to draw attention from the bureau when he published a paper on the subject of ‘hate groups.’ Can you see where I am going with this?
It is clear that Ms. Ullerich has first hand knowledge when describing the detailed beauty of the exotic locations, as her imagery is impeccable. In writing “At Risk,” the author weaves an intriguing plot of suspense and thrills. I look forward to reading more from this author. If you are a fan of this genre, you will be highly entertained.
As stated in her book, Jackie and her retired Air Force JAG husband reside in Palm Desert, California where her husband golfs while Jackie writes.

Highly Recommended by reviewer Barbara Watkins, Allbooks Review Int.

Genre: Fiction/Thriller
Title: At Risk: Passion and Peril at Sea
Author: Jackie Ullerich
Publisher: Brighton Publishing LLC
ISBN# 978-1936587292
For more info:
JAN 2012


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