Review of The Midnight Stars by A. Ahad

As far as astrology books go, there are two definite categories, textbook and passionate. The Midnight Stars definitely falls into the latter of these, taking a subject that is boring to many, of vague interest to others and is the life’s work of those remaining and making it into a readable subject.
The Midnight Stars looks at the subject of “birthday stars”. The basic principle behind a birthday star is to select a star in the night sky that is relevant to your date of birth based on how many light years from the Earth it is.
The book examines the ways to choose this “celestial candle” for your birthday each year and where and how to view it with the aid of the usual telescope and such.
At 36 pages long, this is a very short read, and can easily be cleared from cover to cover in the space of an hour, but that is not the true purpose of the book. Unlike a short story, this is a reference guide that you will come back to every year to discover your next star.
The bulk of the book is made up of a massive table of stars and their relative configurations, providing the information for any budding astrologer, or anyone who wants to do something a little different on the dawn of their birthday, would need to view their star.
All in all, The Midnight Sky is what it is. For anyone with an interest in astrology it is a very nice little book that will no doubt be added to a library of such titles. For anyone else, then it is something different to provide an answer to the annual question “what can we do for my birthday this year?”
For research alone, the book deserves five stars, and I would happily recommend it for any who love this subject.

Recommended by Anthony Lund, Allbooks Review

Title – The Midnight Stars
Author – A Ahad
Publisher – Publish America
ISBN : 978-1-4626-2961-9
For more info:


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