Review of Curb Check by Zach Fortier

This is a book for those who love True Crime, Cop on the Beat stories. It gives you a bird’s eye view (or should I say a hidden camera view?) as a Cop makes his rounds.
Exciting, scary, sad and sometimes darn right funny, Fortier recounts some of the calls he was on when a Constable On Patrol (Cop).
Dare I say without having been a cop, that this book could be used by anyone who wants to be a real cop, one who is ready to serve the people and be more than someone carrying a gun with a badge.
This is not a novel, more like a series of short stories, which provide a view of life on the street, in the alleys and behind close doors.
To give but one example of Fortier’s Mickey Spillane style of writing, I quote, “Allen could have ripped me apart if he wanted but I sensed something in him – like a dog that barks too much. The real killers are quiet and might growl before they strike. They don’t bark to warn you. He did.”

Zach Fortier has been a police officer for over 28 years. CurbCheck is based on calls that Fortier was assigned during his career; specializing in K-9, SWAT, Gang detective, Sex crimes investigator, domestic violence crimes investigator. Names and some minor details have been changed to protect the privacy of those involved, without compromising the integrity of the story and the message of the book.

Highly Recommended, especially for those who love True Crime. Reviewer: Peter Klein Allbooks Reviews.

Available at: Amazon.

Title: CurbChecK
Author: Zach Fortier
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 10: 1466231971
ISBN-13: 978-1466231979
Price: $10.99 paperback
Price:$7.99 Kindle
Oct. 2011


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