Review of The Laird of Loch Fyne by Brandy Grandberg

Earlier this year, I toured the Mull of Kintyre in Scotland and stopping in Inverary, experienced Loch Fyne for myself. What a wonderful coincidence to read The Laird of Loch Fyne so soon after the experience.
Unsuspecting Maggie Harris has a time travel experience that brings her face to face with the sixteenth century Laird of Loch Fyne. Being a fan of Renaissance fairs and Scottish history, Maggie quickly realizes her predicament but doesn’t yet realize it is 1593. Ian MacLachlan, the Laird is not impressed with the brash and independent, trouser clad woman that he finds trespassing on his land, however she needs rescuing and that is exactly what he does. He is pleased when he learns that Maggie is a healer and knows that her skill will be needed in the village. The relationship soon becomes a hate/love conundrum with neither wanting to admit their feelings for the other. Does Maggie want to remain in 1593 with Ian or return to her life in the present? Is Ian ready to take a wife?
Ian and his brother, Reid are being threatened by an unknown source and the ancient psychic, Gilmore brings Maggie to save them. How and why, remain a mystery to Maggie and Ian. The future holds many heart wrenching trials and tribulations for both of them. Ian’s step mother Lorna is evil and threatens his happiness. Will love conquer all? Will Maggie save the Laird? Or will she return to the present leaving love behind?
Author, Brandy Grandberg is a fan of Scotland’s rich history, customs and landscape. She lives in Iowa.
Excellent characters, vivid descriptions and well researched customs and mores of the early Scots, make this an entertaining and educational tale of romance, adventure, time travel and mystery.
Highly Recommended by reviewer Shirley A. Roe, Allbooks Review International,

Title: The Laird of Loch Fyne
Author: Brandy Grandberg
Tate Publishing
For more info:www.


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