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Seven Deadly Book PR, Publicity & Marketing Sins
by Media Strategist & NYC Publicist, Annie Jennings of the National NYC PR Firm Annie Jennings PR

Book Publicity, Promotion & Marketing Sin #1:

1. Old Outdated Website: The web is constantly changing. Outdated book sites are cluttered and confusing. It’s ok. It easy to get an optimized new design that shows you intelligently. Don’t let an old, boring site stand in the way of your book sales

Book Publicity, Promotion & Marketing Sin #2:

2. No Conversion Strategy: When a potential customer comes to your website what do you want them to do? Hire you? Buy the book? Become a member of your community? Is it clear how to accomplish this these goals? Don’t worry; it’s not totally your fault as many sites grew without a clear cut strategy.

Book Publicity, Promotion & Marketing Sin #3:

3. No Inbound Marketing: How do people find you? Being visible and relevant is important. It means being everywhere at all times. You will need a comprehensive strategy includes a strong online presence.

Book Publicity, Promotion & Marketing Sin #4:

4. No Search Engine Ranking On Keywords – When Google decides that you are the authority in your keyword category by returning your website as one of the top search engine result, that’s when you have a competitive advantage.

Book Publicity, Promotion & Marketing Sin #5:

5. No Social Authority: To get a high powered social authority, you’ll need to be established on Twitter and Facebook with a business/book page. Yes, the number of followers or likes matters. The more, the merrier. Just build consistently over time in a strategy to optimize your social authority.

Book Publicity, Promotion & Marketing Sin #6:

6. Authors Don’t Know That Over 2.7 Million Print On Demand (Self Published) Books Were Published In 2010: If you are an author, you are one in 2.7 million. According to established industry stats, book publishing and print on demand publishing is at an all time high with the print on demand sector skyrocketing. In 2010, Bowker reports that over 2.7 million books published were non-traditional (includes print on demand), up from just 22,000 in 2006. This explosive growth in book publishing and author access via print on demand publishing has created a lot of competition

Book Publicity, Promotion & Marketing Sin #7:

7. No Media Assets: What’s a media asset? It’s YOU appearing on a major radio show or TV show as the guest or expert. It’s YOU being the quoted expert in a major media news outlet or in a national magazine. Yes, credibility matters a lot. Creating a PR and publicity outreach strategy is key to your success.

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Allbooks Reviews INTERVIEW:

Please state your name and location. (city and State or Province, Country)
Carol Sue (CS) Shride, Lakewood, Colorado USA

Tell us the title and publisher of your book:
Lucy Dakota: Adventures of a Modern Explorer Book 1-Rocky Mountain Beginnings.

Tell us about yourself:
I do it all! I am Award-winning author, speaker, educator, explorer, entrepreneur, mentor, and mom. I grew up in the western suburbs of Denver at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. For nearly thirty years as an outdoor educator, adventure guide, climber and business owner, I pursued two of my lifelong passions: travel and mountaineering. After selling my business as part of my divorce settlement, I returned to school and earned a masters degree in education. I found tremendous joy and satisfaction teaching in both public and private schools, where the inspiration to write the Lucy Dakota: Adventures of a Modern Explorer series was born during a creative writing class. I retired early from teaching to care for my father before his passing. Now, as a single mom raising a tween daughter, I write full time creating and contributing to books and articles for teenage girls and women. My personal mission is showing women and girls how to love themselves more fully and helping them follow their own dreams. In addition to the Lucy Dakota series, I have been published in several of the Gratitude Project books and in addition to mine and Lucy’s weekly blogs I have appeared in publications online and off including Investor’s Business Daily,, Colorado Parent, BabyTalk magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, and

When was the book released?:
October 15, 2011

Give us an overview of your book.
Lucy Dakota isn’t different from other teens – she is just like them. Lucy has many strengths, she just doesn’t realize them. She is smart and kind, organized and tenacious, trusting and a bit naive. At school, she tries desperately to fit in somewhere, anywhere. That leads her to make poor decisions, particularly around boys and friends. She joins various sports teams, she goes out with boys that have no respect for her and she is friends with a girl who bullies her. Then one day our heroine, Lucy Dakota, is invited to explore in the Colorado wilderness. She faces danger around every corner, and discovers her adventurous side. She starts believing in herself and her abilities and learns there is a lot she can do. Join Lucy as she comes to grips with who she is as a young woman and starts loving life and being alive.

In Rocky Mountain Beginnings our young heroine is reflecting back on her middle school and high school years, discovering how she became who she is today. Open the pages and join Lucy and her adventurous buddies as they:
• Brave the icy elements in the high peaks on a winter mountaineering trip in the Rocky Mountains.
• Fight a huge maelstrom that threatens to pull her under the rapids of the Colorado River.
• Endure a 3-day test alone in the wilderness with no food.
• Rappel off cliffs and plunge through treacherous storm-swollen creeks.
• Stay true to themselves in the face of peer pressure.
• Transform into brave, confident leaders.

What inspired you to write this book?

As my daughter approaches her teen years I wanted to be able to share some of my life lessons, stories and adventures with her in a way that wasn’t lecturing or boring. My own experiences served as the platform and once Lucy got started, she developed a life of her own.

How is your book different from other books in this genre?

I would say the main difference is that Lucy Dakota’s adventures are based on real experiences. I want Lucy to be a real role model, an example to girls and young women of what they can do with their lives if they get to know themselves and what they want.

Where can people buy your book?

Lucy Dakota: Rocky Mountain Beginnings is available online directly from the publisher at and through bookstores such as and Barnes & Noble. The book is available in hardcover, paperback and ebook formats (Kindle, Nook, iBook, etc.). It is also available through the bookstore at BookMasters / Atlas Books.

Are you working on another book? If so when do you expect it to be published?

Yes, I am working on Book 2 in the series, Journey to Nepal, and I expect a release of fall 2012.

If you self published, what advice can you give to fellow writers?
Get the best printing you can afford – don’t go cheap, and then work your buns off spreading the word.

Can you share one of your marketing successes with us?
My biggest success so far has been direct email marketing to everyone I know and one of the other authors on the interviews page stated, being approachable and following up.

How did you find Allbooks Reviews and what are you hoping for in your relationship with us? I found you through an online search for book reviewers. I am always looking for more exposure, so that is what I am hoping for in my relationship with Allbooks.

Thank you for this interview and best of luck with your book.

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