Review: Catalyst by Matti McLean

Catalyst is the story of a man named, Micah. Micah never thought he would amount to much. He has the plain job, the average home, the average life. Then suddenly Micah is thrust into a world of surprises and Micah learns he lives in a society were nothing is as it seems. On his way home one night, after being saved from two officers by a man named Jacob, Micah learns that Jacob is a part of a group called the Radicals and wants Micah to join them. Through the story Micah goes on a huge adventure that keeps us in suspense and guessing what will happen next until the end.
There is a whole cast of great characters that keep the pages turning until the story comes to a conclusion. A reader will be hooked from the beginning of the book till the end. The characters are well developed and a reader is able to easily relate to them. The world Micah lives in is hidden with secrets and it will attract any reader who wants a good page turner. Micah’s world is different than anything I have read before and it is interesting to see how that creative world works and what exactly Micah’s role in it will be.
Matti McLean has done a wonderful job creating a story that is exciting and just fun to read. It is really cool to see how Micah changes through the story. The story does leave you hanging, which makes a reader want to learn more and waiting for the next book becomes exciting. I highly recommend this book to anyone who in general wants a great read.
Highly Recommended by Reviewer: Chaselyn Kenney, Allbook Reviews International

Author: Matti McLean
Publisher: Brighter Books Publishing House
Price: $15.95 paperback
Pages: 252
ISBN: 978-0986555589
Date of review: Sep. 2011
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