Review: A Case of Blackrock Mineral Water by Simon Marshland

Think of Edgar Allen Poe or you might want to think of HBO’s Tales from the Crypt. Alfred Hitchcock’s TV tales might also come to mind when you read Simon Marshland’s 15 short/short stories titled after the first of the strange tales – A Case of Blackrock Mineral Water.
Not all of the stories end with someone saying hello to death and there is at least one (find it for yourself) that actually does have a happy ending. That said, all of the stories do look at life from a far-side point of view and just might cause you to read it again to make certain what you think happened actually did happen. This is not a problem because the stories are short and you will probably read more than one at a sitting.
Plotting is terse and to the point as is required in very short stories. Character development is surprisingly good, again considering the length of the stories. As for style, I would refer you to those mentioned above – Poe, Crypt and Hitchcock.
About the author
Marshland says of himself, “Rolling stone with most of my life spent on the move, living and working in places diverse as East Africa to South America. More recent activities have been based around the Mediterranean ranging from yacht chartering in Greece to fish farming in France. Currently I live in the West Country but admit to itchy feet. But wherever I’ve been or wherever I am I always write. It has become a habit I find impossible to kick.”
He has published several books including Mr Christopher, Private Lives and Dark Destiny.
Best read at night near a fireplace where the logs are burning while outside it rains and/or the wind is howling. Not recommended for those who insist on reading novels. I can’t help but think it is a shame short stories find it difficult to find their way into print. But for those who want something different I can Highly RecommendA Case of Blackrock Mineral Water. Reviewer: Peter Klein Allbooks Reviews Int.

Title: A Case of Blackrock Mineral Water
Author: Simon Marshland
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