Review of That Certain Summer by Mary Verdick

That Certain Summer is the story of a girl names Sally Grimes. Sally is from Winner, Iowa and her dream is to one day be a writer but so far she is only an advice column writer for the local newspaper. A job writing the life story of Diane Fenwick might just be Sally’s chance to make it big. So Sally travels to Diane’s beach front property in Connecticut and she surprisingly finds that Diane has children. Diane also has a dog named Rufus who is more intelligent than anyone expects of a dog.
Diane has to leave almost immediately after Sally arrives and it seems that Sally see’s more of Alex and Megan, Diane’s seven year old twins, than she does of Diane herself. Sally also falls in love with the handsome Ricardo, who works for Diane’s landlord Mr. Morley-Watts. Sally, Ricardo, and the twins get to do lots of activities together but Sally begins to wonder whether she was hired as a writer of a babysitter. Sally soon finds out that there is more going on with Diane, Ricardo, and Morley-Watts’ than she expected and suddenly Sally is in the middle of a very dangerous situation.
That Certain Summer is a summer romance story with an exciting twist. The story is definitely a page turner and keeps a readers interest. A reader will be able to imagine exactly what is happening in the book as if it is happening right there in front of them. The characters are well developed and each one has great personalities. A reader is able to easily relate with Sally and what is happening with her through the story.
Mary Verdick is a wonderful writer and with that talent has created a fantastic story. This book is one not to be missed and I would highly recommend it.

Highly Recommended by Reviewer: Chaselyn Kenney, Allbooks Review.

Title: That Certain Summer
Author: Mary Verdick
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Price: $14.49 paperback
Pages: 164
ISBN: 978-1-4520-4744-7
Date of review: August 2011


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