Review of Cassie’s Choice by John Deering

Cassie Conway is an energetic, spontaneous seventeen year old with her whole life stretched out ahead of her. Of course, with talents and potentials as great as the ones Cassie possesses comes responsibility and difficult decisions.
Cassie and her twin brother Justin are, because of their mother’s knowledge of the sport as well as her help and support over the years, very promising soccer players. It is their mother’s greatest wish for them to win soccer scholarships at prestigious American universities and live their lives with chances and experiences that she could not give them growing up.
Justin happens to share his mother’s dream for himself but Cassie harbours hopes of her own that are drastically different from anything her mother would ever want for her. Cassie’s late father was a daring, well respected trapeze flyer with the circus. Cassie is well aware that deep down, winning a soccer scholarship would never bring her the happiness or thrill that trapeze flying would. She also knows that following in her father’s footsteps (which she is certain is her path) will cause a rivet in her relationship with her mother, who is dead set against her pursuing the trapeze, though Cassie is a talented gymnast with the potential to do so.
Cassie comes to a barrier that many young people must break through in order to find happiness. Will Cassie live her mother’s dream and win a soccer scholarship, or will she follow her own path and join the trapeze flyers which could mean getting to the bottom of her father’s mysterious death on the trapeze two years before?
John Deering has created an entertaining and inspiring story of friendships and growing-up decisions that we can all relate to. Realistic relationships, colourful characters and interesting settings make “Cassie’s Choice” an enjoyable and enlightening novel that is highly readable and accessible.
Highly Recommended by Reviewer: Alison Griffith, Allbooks Review International
Title: Cassie’s Choice
Author: John Deering
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
Cost: $19.95
Publisher: General Store Publishing House


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