Review of Old Gooseberry’s Dilemma by Patricia Perry

Imagine a wager between God and Lucifer, with the Dean Brothers’ final fate in the balance. Will the Dean Brothers end up with God, or with Lucifer (Gooseberry)? Gooseberry must watch over the as part of the bet.
Part of the bet is to keep the Deans out of trouble, which is not an easy task for anyone, even Old Gooseberry. Why would Gooseberry accept such a wager, especially when keeping track of the Dean Brothers is a full-time job? Who is going to torment the souls in Hades while Lucifer is busy watching over the Deans? This is Lucifer’s favorite pass time, tormenting people and watching over his domain on TV in his office smoking cigars.
Follow along as Old Gooseberry tries his best to keep the Dean Brothers out of trouble so they will end up in heaven. Lucifer is afraid if he loses the bet the Dean Brother will upset his domain and perhaps try to take over from him. This cannot happen.
Old Gooseberry’s Dilemma takes place from late afternoon on Wednesday, thru Saturday until 6:00.01 PM, during which time Lucifer must make sure the Dean Brothers do not get into any serious trouble.
Old Gooseberry’s Dilemma is a fun read that follows Lucifer as he visits and tries to keep the Dean Brothers out of trouble on Earth. He becomes a mere shadow of himself because it takes a lot to keep the Deans out of trouble, that would cause him to lose the bet with God thru his emissary Michael the Archangel, who started to wager in the first place.
You will have to read Old Gooseberry’s Dilemma to see how this wager ends. You may not be able to guess the outcome. Will it be God, or Old Gooseberry? This reviewer found Old Gooseberry’s Dilemma at times, funny, sad, and left to contemplate if things like this really take place.
Grab yourself a copy of Old Gooseberry’s Dilemma, sit in a comfy chair and enjoy the trials and tribulations of Old Gooseberry as he works hard to keep the Dean Brothers out of serious trouble in order to keep them out of his domain, Hades.
This reviewer awards four and one-half out of five stars to Old Gooseberry’s Dilemma and recommends it as a must read. Reviewer Robert Medak, AllBooks Review

Title: Old Gooseberry’s Dilemma
Author: Patricia Perry
Publisher: Infinity Publishing
ISBN: 0-7414-6150-1
Pages: 93
Date: July 28, 2011
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