Review of The Story in the Stars by Yvonne Anderson

Atarah Hadassah Haga Natsach, or Dassa, has just finished her quest. She carries with her the precious mossberries that she must not eat until she presents it to her toqeph, Gannah’s ruler. Now that she has completed this very difficult rite of passage, Dassa will become Nasi, a knight of high honour on her planet, one with considerable skill and power. All is not well upon her return. She senses the disquiet; but she mustn’t stop until her quest is complete. Little does she know that the Gannah she once knew is no more and that she, barely a Nasi knight, will soon become not only its sole survivor; but also its toqeph, its spiritual leader and a powerful spiritual leader in the universe.
On a medical space ship stationed at a relatively nearby planet, one Karkar doctor, Pik, has been told that he must swallow his Karkar pride and inbred hatred of the Gannahan’s in order to do what his training has taught him to do. As Pik learns to heal his enemy, he learns to forgive. It is a long and difficult journey for him, not just in planetary space travel; but also in light years of understanding and appreciation, to love and honour more than himself, more than his race; to love, as well, a supreme deity, God, the Creator of the entire universe. Pik is the only non-Gannahan who hears the music on Gannah. The music is the key to this deep faith that he must embrace.
The Story in the Stars goes beyond the mere science fiction novel. One is soon caught up in the story of stars and constellations and planets way beyond the known galaxy. It quickly leads the reader into a story of faith, a faith that connects all of the planets of the universe. It is an interesting theory. As one of the main characters, Dr. Pik, quickly learns, it is a theory that even science cannot find a reasonable explanation for it not to be true.

Yvonne Anderson was recently inspired by Joseph A. Seiss’ 1882 publication, The Gospel in the Stars. This book became the inspiration for The Story in the Stars, the first book in her Gateway to Gannah series. She created a of cast fictional characters and fictional planets to weave her story of faith into an intergalactic fantasy, science fiction, Christian inspirational novel.

Anderson’s The Story in the Stars is a captivating story, a real page turner as well as one that makes us mere Earthers (as she calls us) really wonder: what is out there and, do they, the terrestrials, share some of our beliefs? One can only hope. Well done! The Story in the Stars is highly recommended by award-winning author and Allbooks reviewer, Emily-Jane Hills Orford, Allbooks Reviews.

Available at: Amazon
Title: The Story in the Stars
Author: Yvonne Anderson
Publisher: Risen Books
ISBN: 978-1936835041
Pages: 282 pages
Price: $16.99
For more info:;


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