Review of The Days of Laméch by Jon Saboe

Young and cocky Laméch is showing off in Matusalé City in an effort to draw attention to The Path, and the overthrowing of the ruling Semyaz, wise ones from afar that have come to rebuild after the Family Wars. Laméch’s friend Ruallz is a commoner, a city worker. The wealthy and spoiled Laméch often drags Ruallz into adventures that he would rather avoid. One such adventure finds the two drugged and on a strange vessel being propelled across the sea, accompanied by a true anti-Semyaz warrior, Lyn-Golnan. This was to be the beginning of a life- changing journey for Laméch. He meets his grandfather for the first time and is sent on a spy mission that will challenge this brave, danger- loving young man. How does the jade-eyed, Keziah factor into Laméch’s journey? Gaw-Bolwuen, a thirteen-year-old student, is tricked, captured and taken from her home. She is groomed by the Semyaz for a specific purpose. How does she factor into our protagonist’s journey? Read of the struggle to save thousands of innocents and destroy the Semyaz. Readers will travel through the generations as they struggle to save humanity.
In-depth historical, scientific and biblical research, mixed with imagination and conjecture has produced an amazing tale of earth’s early inhabitants, their lives and their beliefs. An entertaining and thought provoking read by author Jon Saboe.
The Days of Laméch is the long awaited prequel to Saboe’s, The Days of Peleg. Author Jon Saboe is an author, a concert pianist and guest lecturer. He lives in Baltimore.

Once I started reading this book, I couldn’t put it down! Recommended by Shirley A. Roe, Allbooks Review,

Title: The Days of Laméch
Author: Jon Saboe
Publisher: Outskirts
Price: $17.95
Date: July 2011
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