Review of The Tree Singer by Danny Fahey

“How we act. The choices we make. The loyalties we keep.” Pg. 317

In this fantasy of faith, healing, love, loss and betrayal, a young man dreams his future. Jacob is destined to leave his destitute fishing village to become a prosperous, if not famous, flute maker.
His Mother, Juliana had been well known for her sharp tongue, but since her husband’s death, she had become a bitter, angry woman. She had even accused Jacob of having something to do with his father’s death. Life would never be the same as he remembered it.
The town’s fishing industry was dormant, trying to farm the boulder- laden land proved futile. The sickness that had spread through the town left the villagers sapped of life and hope.
There was little laughter now as they merely eked out an existence.
Simon, the ‘Healer’ strolled leisurely into their lives. His origin or future was unknown. For now he had been sent to the village with his powerful healing hands and teaching skills.
Juliana and Jacob welcomed him into their home where he begins his healing. Over the course of time the village prospers, becoming alive again with the salt lake full of fish and the land bearing food. Miracles seemed to happen every day with Simon around.
Simon nurtures Jacob’s dream of becoming a flute maker, teaching him worldly, as well as magical skills, such as learning to ‘sing wood from trees.’ Harrod, the carpenter patiently teaches Jacob how to carve, drill and care for the wood as he makes his first flutes. His daughter, Maddie’s tortured mind has been released by Simon, and the bond between Jacob and Maddie grows into love. The outside world becomes aware of the location of the ‘Healer’ and Jacob sees the toll that healing is having on Simon.
Years pass before the day when Simon announces he must be on his way. “Life moves forward, always forward.” Pg .225
At twenty-three, Jacob and Maddie decide he should go to the city called Cathel before they marry. He hopes to see Simon again and has an appointment to show a famous musician his talent for flute making. Amazing experiences come to Jacob, and he becomes well known for the lost art of ‘tree singing.’
This story is well laid out, easy to follow and an enjoyable read. The author, Danny Fahey magically has the reader feeling the intense emotions throughout the novel.
Reviewer: Cheryl Heinrichs, Allbooks Review @

Title: The Tree Singer
Author: Danny Fahey
Publisher: Dragonfall Press
ISBN-13: 978-0-9806341-5-0
Pages: 362
Price: $19.95 June 2011
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