Review of Get Er Done: The Green Beret Guide to Productivity by Michael Matel

A business productivity book that models itself after the Green Berets? That’s definitely going to be all about shouting, punishing people harshly for getting out of line, and forcing individuals into the same mold, right?

Think again.

Martel’s purpose isn’t to bully people like a stereotypical drill sergeant. That’s basic training you’re thinking of. Instead, he’s offering much more advanced military tactics, like goal-setting, maintaining focus, and building a support team. “Green Berets do not have superpowers,” he says; what they do have is the ability to adapt to changing circumstances without losing sight of the original goal.

Each chapter walks the reader through a concept with at least one Green Beret anecdote and several examples of how and why the tactic is useful in civilian life. Each concludes with a “mission” to follow through on the information.

For example, chapter six talks about the “point of no return,” literally the moment at which it’s easier to follow through with a commitment rather than give up. Martel explains how the idea relates to C-130 troop transport planes, and then ties it in to the competing commitments we each have in our daily lives. He offers up a mission to help maintain focus on a recent commitment, rather than get sidetracked by focusing on what could go wrong.

The layout makes it easy to scan for the key points, and makes this 98-page volume an even easier read than its length suggests. A rare treat is that the breakout text – those little driblets of wisdom found in many business books – don’t actually repeat any of the text on the page. I can’t recall the last time I read a book where those space-hogging snippets added any value whatsoever.

From organizing a multinational company to simply achieving personal goals, this book provides clear, specific tactics to “get er done,” without making you feel like you’re trapped in boot camp.
Recommended by Terence P Ward, Allbooks Review.

Title: Get Er Done: The Green Beret Guide to Productivity
Author: Michael Martel
Publisher: PCG Business
ISBN: 978-1-936417-17-9
For more info:
June 2011


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