Review of While I Was Learning to Become God by Roxanna Jones

Roxana Jones weaves a well-written narrative about the life of Sybil Vaughaan and her own journey in While I Was Learning to Become God. Sybil and Roxana share portions of their life lives in a uniquely written account. Ms. Jones weaves a beautifully written story, which includes spiritual beings, guardian angels and the heroines’ search to transform their lives. This transformation comes to light as Ms. Jones eloquently tells Sybil’s story while intertwining her own spiritual awakening. We can all relate to the path taken because it encompasses life and day to day living.
The author, along with Sybil, takes the ordinary strife of life and makes it into a lovely tale of mercy, forgiveness and grace. While I Was Learning to Become God is not only a story of two women’s journeys, but the story of reaching beyond and through and around reality, to stretch the imagination and let the spirit soar.
On page 124 of the book, Ms. Jones writes, “She got up the next morning with a strong desire to awaken, But not to wake up physically; she already knew how to do that perfectly. Rather, she wanted to awaken in the sense that the image had asked her to the night before.”
It is the author’s desire that the reader will receive a message of hope and change. She hopes to make a contribution of new and positive beliefs. The author has accomplished her goal!
I recommend While I Was Learning to Become God to anyone wanting to delve deeper into harnessing their spiritual power or to anyone wanting an entertaining read.
Reviewed by: Donetta Garman, Allbooks Review

Roxana Jones
Publisher: Balboa Press
ISBN: 978-1-4525-3257-8
List price: $17.95
June 2011
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