Review of Sacred Journey 2012 and Beyond by Shirley Ryan

Catherine Bradley loves her Uncle Harry. On her thirteenth birthday, Harry gives her a very special bracelet. Sacred Journey is a journey of discovery for Catherine as she tries to untangle the bracelet’s mysteries. Joined by her best friends, Michael, Claudia and Julia, Catherine enjoys conversations about life’s purpose, enlightenment and the Mayan predictions of 2012, however when Uncle Harry dies, these conversations take on a whole new meaning.
After Harry’s death, Catherine travels to Belize where she meets the charming Dr. Jordan Anderson, a comrade of Harry’s. Searching for answers, Catherine travels to Baking Pot, where she visits the Mayan cave and meditates. During the meditation, many strange things happen and her awareness is sharpened. Will the Mayan predictions come true and life on earth as we know it, change or end? Anxious to solve the mystery of the symbols on her bracelet and those left by the Mayans, she begins an interesting journey of self-discovery and enlightenment.
Her journey later takes her to Hilo, Hawaii where she furthers her search and discovers a new romance.
The book has a great deal of information for spiritual seekers and this reviewer’s only criticism is that, sometimes there seems to be an ‘overload’ of information, making the read slow and tedious. However, that said, the characters and the plot keep your attention throughout. The book ends with an excellent meditation technique.
Shirley Ryan has published inspirational books, but this is her first novel. She ties her in depth interest and research of spirituality, enlightenment and the universe, together in this novel
A nice mix of information, spirituality and fiction in an entertaining package!
Recommended by Shirley A. Roe, Allbooks Review,

Title: Sacred Journey 2012 and Beyond
Author: Shirley Ryan
Publisher: Soul Moments
ISBN 978-0-9754196-2-5
Pages: 154
Date: June 2011


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