Review of The Poison Glen by Ashley Simmons

If you are in the mood for a story about creatures, slavery, gods (maybe), than The Poison Glen is just the book for you.

The Poison Glen is a tale that will leave you wanting more, and to learn more about the creatures of legends. Are the creatures just a tale to tell children, or are they real? In The Poison Glen you will read much about a creature known as the Hunter. What is the Hunter, and what are the circumstances behind his hatred of humans?

Follow the fate of Amariah, the Hunter, and a band of fellow travelers. Read along as Amariah finds out about her true background and as the Hunter schools her in the use of her special magic.

There is a battle of magic, tyrants, armies, slaves, and creatures with powers that are told only as myth, but they are all too real as you read the pages of The Poison Glen.

This reviewer found The Poison Glen to be an exciting, magical, moral, and wonderful journey through the travelers and as Amariah finds out her faith and find a strength within herself that surprises many.

The Poison Glen is also not your average love story. They is a good deal of hiding one’s true feelings, past baggage, and personal emotions in this story. This reviewer found the author to be skilled at weaving a grand tale of the people of Caspria as they defeat the Zadok.

There is something for every reader in The Poison Glen. This reviewer awards five out of five stars to The Poison Glen with a must read recommendation.
Reviewer: Robert Medak, Allbooks Review International

Available at: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or from the author at:
Title: The Poison Glen
Author: Ashley Simmons
Publisher: Ashley Simmons
ISBN: 978-1461041108
Pages: 324
Date: May 12, 2011


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