Amazon Headquarters, an interesting experience.

Today I called Amazon Headquarters in Seattle. The greeting told me to “Press one for customer service.” When I pressed one, another recording came on telling me that the Amazon website had access to help lines and customer service and someone would be happy to help me if I visited the website. DUH! I have been visiting the website for days, emailing for days, talking to outsourced customer service people that know nothing and that keep telling me they will have someone else email me and now I am supposed to go to their website for help! Unbelievable! Next the message told me that if I wanted to speak to a representative, press 0 at anytime. I pressed “0” and the phone rang more than twenty five times with no answer. I called back and repeated the exact scenario. In other words, it was a line to nowhere.
I now have acquired the name of one of the Amazon execs from an old press release and will write a formal letter of complaint. I shall mail it- snail mail and await a response. I am sure it will not be answered as the Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company, does not care about their customers one bit.
I am hearing from many authors whose books are listed on Amazon and they have not been paid for sales. Their publishers inform them that Amazon has not paid them! Nice way to make a big profit on authors work by selling the books, charging an exorbitant rate to sell them and then not paying them at all. I have also heard from Associate clients that have never received a payment. This is getting more and more interesting the deeper I dig! Today I have removed my credit card from my account with Amazon, I will not be buying anything else from this company. I can not however, close the account until this review issue is resolved, I have authors that are counting on Allbooks Review and we will not let them down.
Shirley A. Roe, Managing Editor
Allbooks Review Int.
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    I value the article.Really looking forward to read more. Much obliged.

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