Redeem The Knight / Review

Prepare yourself for a pulsating spin on life after Armageddon. In this story, the world as people knew it, had come to an end. The causes were unending, futile wars, incurable malignances, burning boulders from meteors and lethal power stations spewing toxins that spread through the air, tainting food, water and land.
Some of the strongest people survived, beginning new civilizations on limited habitable land. Using the basic instinct of survival, they returned to primal ways of living.
God created paladins, ‘a holy officer’, with mystical powers to heal mortal wounds. A pure unadulterated paladin was blessed with a Divine Mace to assist in the battle against heretics and the evil actions of the Blood Reapers. One of the New World’s beliefs was that those who spoke Christian, were sorcerers.
Arl Baelin, once a highly regarded paladin, is found guilty of natural sin, revenge. He had married Gideon, a sorcerer, and they produced a baby boy. With heart wrenching horror he had witnessed the Blood Reapers savagely violate his wife and with unbelievable brutality, killed the infant boy. Armed with the instinct of battle and his Divine Mace he tracked down, tortured and killed those he believed responsible. His actions are judged dishonorable by the Magistrates, and he is banished to Islandia, where he and his dog and faithful companion lived off the land.
Three years pass before he is summoned to a duty assigned by the Magistrates. Using his unique skill to heal mortal wounds, his Divine Mace and resistance to most black magic he is ordered to rid the town called Chimera, of the Midvein Mansion. The mansion, which had been in ruins since before the Primeval Tragedy, is believed to be haunted and responsible for missing town people. Arl believes he has been given a chance for redemption and willingly faces probable death for his cause. His courageous battle against unbelievable odds is a frightening tale. The battle between good and evil is tested to the limit. Fierce brutality is detailed in the war against the Blood Reapers and the chilling apparitions of the mansion, bringing the reader to a stunning end when the true nature of the mission is revealed.
The author, David V. Mammina started writing after high school, publishing his first of five books in his early years of college. He currently works as a social studies teacher and enjoys
Dark Fantasy novels, as an escape for his sincere persona.
The novel is a prequel to his ‘Angels of Resistance’ but as he states and I must agree, this reading experience stands on its own. A Highly Recommended read!
Reviewer: Cheryl Heinrichs, Allbooks Review @

Title: Redeem The Knight
Author: David V. Mammina
Publisher: self
ISBN-13: 978-0-615-48134-0
Pages: 147
Price: $11.40 USD
June 4, 2011
Available through or


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