Shattered Wings / Review

Shattered Wings is a fiction tale about how one’s personal life can spiral down out of control, and the repercussions of not having people in your life. We all need friends, family, or someone to confide in when life hits you with a dump truck full of lemons.

Follow John’s trip down his personal slippery slope. How does John handle his life when he loses what is most important to him? Why won’t he talk about it to his roommate? What in John’s life created his current way of handling thigs?

Although this is a work of fiction, there may be many going through similar situations and not fairing any better than John is with his.

Shattered Wings’ tale could also be happening right in your own community. What resources are they for someone like John?

Should John’s life style and longevity with one company be a detriment on someone’s résumé in finding a job?

There are many aspects to Shattered Wings than meets the reader’s eyes. There could be many going through what John is in Shattered Wings.

This reviewer found Shattered Wings to be an unusual read. The review copy that I received needs a great deal of editing before it can be considered for publication. Once these changes are made, this reviewer awards Shattered Wings 3 out of 5 stars. Bob Medak, Allbooks Review Int.

Title: Shattered Wings
Author: Bryan Healey
Publisher: Bryan Healey
ISBN: 1456398350
Pages: 250
Date May 23, 2011
For more info:


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