Genre: Fiction/Thriller
Author: David L. Saykin

Weighing the risks involved, including illegal ramifications, four friends decide to accept
a lucrative job offer from, Mr. Green, a well known underground businessman. They never dreamed they would be embarking on a supernatural, mesmerizing, but deadly journey. Their first assignment sounded relatively simple and after formulating their plan they celebrated their new profitable futures. The objective; obtain information on why a significant gambling debt is not being paid. Supplied with a healthy expense budget and a nine millimeter gun, along with the promise of half a million dollars to share, the foursome venture out on their first mission.
They meet the target Tony, at an underground gambling joint resulting in an invitation to his 268ft. ship. Here Tony holds a well- guarded meeting. Several wealthy international investors are then informed that a spectacular power source of energy has been uncovered in the desert of the Middle East. Archeologists and scientists have been working on the project, ISIS. They now believe they are closer to an answer as to how the raw untapped natural energy can be harnessed. The team begins working for Shoo Kan Industries, having been hired to find the three keys necessary to unlock the power source. They are to be handsomely rewarded upon natural completion of the mission.
Along with secret and double agents, bodyguards, sophisticated communication and weapons, the covert operation dubbed the ‘Cairo Project’ begins and events escalate dramatically. There are many nationalist groups involved; American, Russian, Asian, German, Japanese and Egyptians. This death- defying tale takes the reader from mountain summits, across desert in life threatening sand storms, futuristic armor plated vehicles and transport pods, to treacherous underground caverns, tunnels and crumbling tombs. Tension and excitement soar as the first and second key are located. Mystic seekers and protectors give clues along their journey but can they beat the odds fighting against multiple renegades? Will good prevail over the evil plan of world domination? Will the regeneration process be completed?
The author, David L. Saykin’s career background explains his script styled novel. He is a freelance writer with experience at the World Famous Apollo Theatre in Harlem New York. He has been a specialist/stage technician for bands and artists including the Grateful Dead and is currently working on the completion of the second portion of ‘The Kings Code’, to be released in 2012.
I would be remiss not to say that the first print needs some detailed editing, but that need not deter the reader from this electrifying tale. I would recommend this book as a very good read. Available at
Reviewer: Cheryl Heinrichs, Allbooks Review @

Author: David L. Saykin
Publisher: self
ISBN-13: 978-1456-547851
Pages: N/A
Price: $12.00 USD
May , 2011


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