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Allbooks Review November 2011 Newsletter

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Shirley A. Roe’s, Dreams and Nightmares received a Bronze Award from Reader’s Choice. Shirley A. Roe has been interviewed see it here:

8 Tips to Write Better Dialogue

Well-written, compelling, engaging dialogue moves the plot forward and brings your characters to life.

We all know that the reading becomes faster and the pace quicker when there’s a lot of dialogue in a novel. However, like anything else, balance is the key. A novel with lines of dialogue after dialogue, page after page, without any narration, action or description in between, will get your book rejected. The same will happen if you have page after page with no dialogue at all. So, chances are agents and editors may dismiss your manuscript just by looking at the first few pages, even without having read them.

Here are 8 tips to help you stay away from amateurish dialogue:

1. Be economic with your speech tags (also known as identifiers or attributes). If you have two characters talking, you don’t need to say “he said” and “she said” each time there’s a new line of dialogue. Likewise, be sure you have some tags for rhythm, pacing and clarity—you don’t want your dialogue to be hard to follow either.

2. Don’t be too creative with your speech tags. Speech tags should be ‘silent’, meaning they shouldn’t distract the reader. Stick to the common ‘said,’ and ‘asked’ for the most part. This doesn’t mean you can’t replace ‘said’ with verbs like yelled, cried, muttered, mumbled, groaned, whispered, etc., but do so sparingly and only when necessary.

3. Avoid spitfire dialogue. This happens when you have two characters or more talking one after the other without any pauses or action in between, so that the conversation looks like a tennis match or reads like a screenplay.

4. Don’t interrupt dialogue unnecessarily. This happens when you have an interesting exchange of dialogue and suddenly interrupt it with an unnecessary paragraph of exposition or description. This makes readers impatient and prompts them to skip ahead to get to the good stuff.

5. Let the characters talk—don’t paraphrase them. Noah Lukeman, author of The First Five Pages, calls this ‘journalistic dialogue.’ Don’t quote your characters. Let their dialogue flow in complete sentences instead.

6. Stay away from exclamation marks! (No pun intended). An editor once told me, “Only one ‘!’ per each hundred pages.” No kidding. Dialogue filled with exclamation marks is an instant sign of an amateur. Readers don’t like to be shouted at, and that’s what it feels like when there are many exclamation marks in a story.

7. Avoid commonplace dialogue. (“Hi. How are you?” she said. “Fine. How are you?” he responded.) Remember that each line of dialogue must have a purpose in your story. This type of dialogue can only work if your aim is to portray your characters as boring and unimaginative. Yes, we talk like this in real life, but that doesn’t mean you should include it in your novel. Cut the ‘realistic,’ everyday dialogue and leave the rest.

8. Avoid fake dialogue. One of the surest ways for a dialogue to sound fake is when it’s used to convey information that should be presented in a more subtle or indirect manner. Obviously you can use dialogue to give reader new information, but it takes skill to do it right. It takes subtlety. As Lukeman states, “[Fake dialogue] is dialogue that characters would never use in real life, interchanges that are not artistically real, that don’t spring from characters’ needs, desires and relationships. Instead, this is dialogue imposed on them by the writer.” That’s the key word: imposed. You want your dialogue to sound genuine, natural and spontaneous. He goes on to say that “The most common malady is use of dialogue to convey backstory. The solution is to follow this rule: Dialogue should not be used to state things both characters already know, that is, one character should not remind the other character of something. This is an obvious ploy, intended only for the reader.”

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be able to write better dialogue and spot mistakes when you revise your own stories or someone else’s.

About Mayra Calvani
Mayra Calvani writes fiction and nonfiction for children and adults and has authored over a dozen books, some of which have won awards. She’s a reviewer & columnist for Blogcritics Magazine, Midwest Book Review and Latino Books Examiner. Her articles, stories and interviews have appeared on numerous publications both in print and online. In addition, she regularly offers writing workshops Visit her website at For her children’s books,


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Allbooks Reviews INTERVIEW:


Please state your name and location. (city and State or Province, Country)

Laura Burks – Louisiana. USA

Tell us the title and publisher of your book:

ALTERED, a young adult paranormal romance mystery published through Wings ePress in both print and epub on September 1, 2011.

Tell us about yourself:

I live in Louisiana with my husband and our two children (16 and 20). My favorite time is spending it with my family because that’s when I’m the happiest.

As far as my writing background, I began as a freelance writer as well as creator and writer of a business newsletter. Public speaking, writing speeches, and poetry are all what led to the desire to write a novel. Altered is my first novel to write and have published.

When was the book released?:

September 1, 2011 in both print and epub.

Give us an overview of your book.

The back page blurb sums it up the best:

Hearing her name started it all…

All eighteen-year-old Jenna wants to do is have a slow paced and predictable summer in the small town of New Roads with her grandfather. But on Friday the thirteenth, the unpredictable occurs when she mysteriously hears a voice leading her to a buried book. Jenna is unaware that a secret curse lies within and she’s just unleashed its hold.

As writings appear in the book strangely matching her vivid dreams, Jenna’s curious nature takes over pulling her deeper into the mystery and the connection to her family. What she didn’t expect to find was a forbidden love and a choice to save a life.

Will Jenna’s choice remain a secret? Or did the secret choose her?

I also have a book trailer video ( Here is a shortened summary of ALTERED.

For eighteen-year-old Jenna Larson, spending the summer falling in love should be normal. But when she discovers a cursed book capable of secret writings and a hidden message, finding a way to alter the curse to save a life changed everything. Only Jenna’s choice may have already chosen her.

What inspired you to write this book?

I’ve always enjoyed stories, whether written, told, viewed in movies, or plays. To me, it was and still is exciting to immerse in another world, or atmosphere.

ALTERED began as an idea of a girl finding a cursed book that writes on foggy nights. I wanted the girl to be young, but not middle school. My favorite genre to read is young adult, so I decided that was the age group I wanted to stay in. The main character is 18, while her love interest is 19. Today, young adult novels are being read just as much by adults, so I knew the concept of crossing both age gaps was a perfect choice.

I’ve written before, but never a manuscript. When I began, the adrenaline flowed and I was so excited to grab any bit of computer time I could to continue writing.

One very big push was reading how other authors made it over the hurdle and became published. I knew the road would be long, and at times, disappointing, but that made it even more challenging to continue.

How is your book different from other books in this genre?

Most paranormal books mainly focus on vampires, witches, etc. I do love these books, but I wanted something different in the paranormal world. I wanted to focus on other possibilities like a mysterious book writing on foggy nights, matching vivid dreams, curses, cursed people, and then throw in the mystery and romance element.

The romance element was my favorite part to write. It’s innocent, yet dramatic.

Where can people buy your book?

My website: has all the order information.

Altered can also be purchased through Wings ePress:

Or through Amazon:

Are you working on another book? If so when do you expect it to be published?

As of now, I’m working on two books. I’ve had several requests for a sequel to Altered, so that idea might put the others aside for a short time. Because the other manuscripts are in the work-in-progress mode, I don’t have a date of publication as of yet.

If you self published, what advice can you give to fellow writers?

No. ALTERED is not self published.

My advice to fellow writers is to not be afraid or stuck in thinking an agent is the only way to go. Agents do have their benefits. But small press publication can be just as successful and rewarding.

As a writer, you struggle with the possibilities of being accepted. You wonder if others will tear down what you worked so hard to create, or sometimes if you’re a writer at all. Be strong and confident about your abilities as a writer. Yes, you may not gain acceptance from everyone, but who can anyway?

If published traditionally, tell us how you benefited:

I’m published through Wings ePress in both print and epub. They are a small press house that’s been around for over 10 years. They have the reputation and background that has kept them around long after so many others have folded. They represent hundreds of authors and have even more published works out in the literary world.

The benefit for me to go with Wings ePress was that they want the author to work closely with the editor and cover artist. They do not believe that the written words (unless for edit purposes) should be changed. Meaning, the author’s story the way it’s meant to be told is not deleted.

I’ve learned that small or large house published, you need to market you book. It’s the key to getting your work in the reader’s hands.

Can you share one of your marketing successes with us?

I’ve been so fortunate with marketing since ALTERED released on September 1st. It’s very time consuming, but at the same time, exciting.

One marketing success that I can think of first is replying to emails. When you join blog sites or marketing sites and post your bio and work, people will show an interest. It’s through that interest that you must respond. To have the opportunity to get to know those that are inspired by what you wrote, and encouraging you with their support, is overwhelming. Word of mouth, contest giveaways, and being approachable is vital.

How did you find Allbooks Reviews and what are you hoping for in your relationship with us?

While searching the internet, I came across Allbooks Reviews. After reading every page and searching for more, I knew I had found something golden.

Was the low cost a surprise? What other things would you like Allbooks Reviews to offer writers?

The cost was very impressive. I did realize a review would be free if that’s all I wanted. But the other plus benefits offered in the package were well worth the money.

Thank you for this interview and best of luck with your book.

Thanks for making this possible and for helping authors get the word out about their work.

Redeem The Knight / Review

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Prepare yourself for a pulsating spin on life after Armageddon. In this story, the world as people knew it, had come to an end. The causes were unending, futile wars, incurable malignances, burning boulders from meteors and lethal power stations spewing toxins that spread through the air, tainting food, water and land.
Some of the strongest people survived, beginning new civilizations on limited habitable land. Using the basic instinct of survival, they returned to primal ways of living.
God created paladins, ‘a holy officer’, with mystical powers to heal mortal wounds. A pure unadulterated paladin was blessed with a Divine Mace to assist in the battle against heretics and the evil actions of the Blood Reapers. One of the New World’s beliefs was that those who spoke Christian, were sorcerers.
Arl Baelin, once a highly regarded paladin, is found guilty of natural sin, revenge. He had married Gideon, a sorcerer, and they produced a baby boy. With heart wrenching horror he had witnessed the Blood Reapers savagely violate his wife and with unbelievable brutality, killed the infant boy. Armed with the instinct of battle and his Divine Mace he tracked down, tortured and killed those he believed responsible. His actions are judged dishonorable by the Magistrates, and he is banished to Islandia, where he and his dog and faithful companion lived off the land.
Three years pass before he is summoned to a duty assigned by the Magistrates. Using his unique skill to heal mortal wounds, his Divine Mace and resistance to most black magic he is ordered to rid the town called Chimera, of the Midvein Mansion. The mansion, which had been in ruins since before the Primeval Tragedy, is believed to be haunted and responsible for missing town people. Arl believes he has been given a chance for redemption and willingly faces probable death for his cause. His courageous battle against unbelievable odds is a frightening tale. The battle between good and evil is tested to the limit. Fierce brutality is detailed in the war against the Blood Reapers and the chilling apparitions of the mansion, bringing the reader to a stunning end when the true nature of the mission is revealed.
The author, David V. Mammina started writing after high school, publishing his first of five books in his early years of college. He currently works as a social studies teacher and enjoys
Dark Fantasy novels, as an escape for his sincere persona.
The novel is a prequel to his ‘Angels of Resistance’ but as he states and I must agree, this reading experience stands on its own. A Highly Recommended read!
Reviewer: Cheryl Heinrichs, Allbooks Review @

Title: Redeem The Knight
Author: David V. Mammina
Publisher: self
ISBN-13: 978-0-615-48134-0
Pages: 147
Price: $11.40 USD
June 4, 2011
Available through or

Power Split / Review

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Title: Power Split
Author: W. Ron Drynan

Power Split is two stories in one book. Can antimatter work as a propulsion system in spacecraft? How are two characters in Power Split, medically related? These are just a couple of questions found within the pages of Power Split.
The first story is about the practicality of using antimatter propulsion for space travel. Power Split is also about two characters and their possible connection medically and why they are unique in the population.
Follow the testing and the action as these two characters work together in an action thriller, which will come as a good surprise.
This reviewer found Power Split well written, and the piquant book that held this reader’s interest and wanting more. Power Split will hold the interest of readers, and they will not want to put it down, so dedicate some time for reading Power Split.
Power Split is easy to read, and will not take too long to finish it. This reviewer completed Power Split in one sitting. It was hard to stop for this reviewer.
If you enjoy action books, Power Split is a good book for you. This reviewer found the medical and flight information to be well written and possible.
This reviewer awards four out of a possible five stars to Power Split. Robert Medak, Allbooks Review

Title: Power Split
Author: W. Ron Drynan
Publisher: Artairus
ISBN: 978-0-9835039-0-3
Pages: 321
Date June , 2011
Power Split is available at Amazon, and Barnes & Noble,
For more info:


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Shattered Wings / Review

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Shattered Wings is a fiction tale about how one’s personal life can spiral down out of control, and the repercussions of not having people in your life. We all need friends, family, or someone to confide in when life hits you with a dump truck full of lemons.

Follow John’s trip down his personal slippery slope. How does John handle his life when he loses what is most important to him? Why won’t he talk about it to his roommate? What in John’s life created his current way of handling thigs?

Although this is a work of fiction, there may be many going through similar situations and not fairing any better than John is with his.

Shattered Wings’ tale could also be happening right in your own community. What resources are they for someone like John?

Should John’s life style and longevity with one company be a detriment on someone’s résumé in finding a job?

There are many aspects to Shattered Wings than meets the reader’s eyes. There could be many going through what John is in Shattered Wings.

This reviewer found Shattered Wings to be an unusual read. The review copy that I received needs a great deal of editing before it can be considered for publication. Once these changes are made, this reviewer awards Shattered Wings 3 out of 5 stars. Bob Medak, Allbooks Review Int.

Title: Shattered Wings
Author: Bryan Healey
Publisher: Bryan Healey
ISBN: 1456398350
Pages: 250
Date May 23, 2011
For more info:

Fire Season / Review

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First off, they say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and Fire Season is a really good example of why. There are no rights and wrongs to creating a book cover, but there is something a little dour about the front of Fire Season that could put off browsers of shelves and webpages alike.
So that is the down side out of the way, from here on it is pretty much all good.
Fire Season is a first look at the small town of Brooke’s Vale, a community the likes of which have featured in some of the greatest works of fiction, where living has been rather kind when it comes to the subject of the book – forest fires. For many years, Brooke’s Vale has escaped unscathed while other similar areas have constantly battled to survive. The all comes to an end during the three day period Fire Season’s story is told over.
The heart of this story lies in the struggle of the townsfolk, including airstrip owner and flying club leader Matt, and transport pilot Jim, a hero among many who takes on the raging fires that threaten the town. Whatever the subject, novels like Fire Season rely on the workings of the community. Stephen King has often used the “town in peril” card to great effect, and some parts of this novel read like his best Castle Rock novels. The build up over the first hundred or so pages is slow, introducing characters, displaying their likes and dislikes, building the impending threat to these characters and their surroundings.
Once the action is set in motion, then the book virtually reads itself, making the small trek there all the more worthwhile. The events of Day Two and Three flow very cinematically, descriptions creating very vivid images as the fight to survive takes centre stage, and as you read you can imagine this playing out on the big screen.
By the time the epilogue comes around, and we move two months on from the climax of the main story, it is a nice chance to see how these people we have followed of the last few hundred pages are coping with the aftermath. There are too many novels so eager to get the action over and end that they don’t take a short moment to close off the final threads of the story, giving the reader a sense that these people are not merely characters in a work of fiction, but continue on with their lives beyond. How those lives may pan out remains a mystery, but there is enough here to show that even after the worst of times, life does go on.
In the afterword, the author notes that a lot of research including his visit to see one of the only Shackleton planes in existence, and it is clear throughout the book that a lot of effort has gone into making sure that the facts within the fiction are authentic for those with knowledge of such things. My only experience with airplanes is to get on board one to go on holiday, so I would not know if any of the more specific details are correct or not. That doesn’t mean the effort is any less appreciated when reading the book.
For anyone looking for a good old fashioned adventure thriller could do a lot worse than Fire Season. The human heart needed to make any story of peril work is written well, there are no real duff characters of note and the conversations and confrontations between the townsfolk is always believable and manages to avoid the usual clichés that can quite easily slip into this kind of story.
Well written, engaging and worth a read, I would happily recommend Fire Season to others and look forward to Days At Brooke’s Vale, a short story collection that acts as a prequel of sorts and will hopefully continue in the vein of rich character developments shown in the novel. Recommended by Anthony Lund, Allbooks Review
Title – Fire Season
Author – V H Folland
Publisher – Ragged Angel Ltd
ISBN : 978-0-9541227-7-5
For more info:

The Secrets of Kelmar / Review

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Author: Laura Sepesi
“With this hand, I grant you death’s impermanent form, but keep you sound of mind and body to one day return to your worldly existence.”
Carmen Fox along with her group of souls and animal counterpart; Blaze have returned in the second piece of the Kelmar Trilogy after first defeating the Dark Lord and returning again to restore peace to the world of the Kelmarians. Even more menacing than the last a new foe has threatened the well being of their world. Brutal storms raging across the skies, angry and vicious attacks on innocent creatures and the very existence of Kelmar hanging in the balance calls once more of Carmen and her friends to restore the balance. Will they be able to once more save their world from imminent destruction?
Laura Sepesi has once again found a way to write a fun fast paced book that reader’s will enjoy from beginning to end and I was lucky enough to have been given the joy of reviewing both her first and second of the series. Further developing her already very real characters Sepesi draws the reader into the pages with wonderful descriptions and large amounts of action lacing the plotline. Having published her first book at the young age of twenty-one and the second when she was twenty-three, Laura has proved herself to be a very talented young author and I’m sure she will continue to amaze her readers when she’s finished her third book which is being worked on at the moment.
The Secrets of Kelmar is a wonderful read and a welcome addition to anyone’s bookshelf. Even the most reluctant reader would have a difficult time not being drawn into the pages of the magical story set ahead of them. I certainly hope that Ms. Sepesi will promptly have the third book of the series out for her fans to soon enjoy, they are well written books that readers of all ages can appreciate.
The Secrets of Kelmar is highly recommended by Kirsten Bussière, Allbooks Review Int.

Author’s Website:
Publisher: Infinity Publishing
Publisher’s Website:
Retail Price: US $28.95
ISBN: 0-7414-5336-3
For more info:

Rowena Through the Wall / Review

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Author: Melodie Campbell

I loved this book. No really. I’m not much into time travel stories (sometimes just too unbelievable) but I couldn’t put this one down. The main character; Rowena is a plucky, witty, smart veterinarian who has a strong inner compass and a healthy cynicism of all things that are too good to be true. She left her fiancé, because she saw him kicking a cat across the road. Done with him, didn’t need that! With a voice that rings true, she grabs a hold of this story and doesn’t let go until its conclusion.

A veterinarian in Arizonia, Rowena starts seeing strange men dressed as warriors, who appear and then disappear by walking through walls. Soon, each night when she sleeps she finds herself transported to a society, under a curse, that no female babies would ever be born again. With no females, a society dies out. Rowena’s mother escaped the land, prior to the curse and now her daughter Rowena carries both the bloodline and the hope for survival. The warrior men have searched for her hoping she was “fertile” enough to save their society.

Initially because she thinks this is all just a complicated and sometimes delicious dream, there are some great lines and situations in this story as Rowena is passed from one warring group to another. “Oh well, why not? It’s just a dream” she thinks as she lets herself get abducted once again.

“Rowena’s daughter…” the second rider said darkly. “Can that
“It might be a trick,” the other said.
“Silence!” The old man dismounted stiffly and came forward.
“It can’t be. Look at her. Just look at her. She’s Rowena through
and through. Where did you come from, child?”
I nearly said Kansas, but that would be just too wicked.
“Scottsdale, Sir” I said politely. “In Arizona.”

It starts to slowly dawn on her that this is not just a dream and she begins to take control of her destiny in the fantasy world. To watch her take over her personal reins by dealing with warrior men from a long ago era using modern standards is just delightful. Filled with plenty of fun, action, and a main character that takes no prisoners, Rowena Through the Wall is an exciting romp through a fantasy world that will leave you completely and utterly satisfied.
Highly Recommended by Reviewer: Wendy Thomas, Allbooks Reviews.

Title: Rowena Through the Wall
Author: Melodie Campbell
Publisher: pre pub
For more info;

The Chronicles of Ror / Review

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Genre: Science Fiction/Adventure
Author: Karen Langolf
Do you suppose that you would be all too willing to slip unexpectedly through a strange door, that would ultimately lead to an equally bizarre and unpredictable world inhabited by creatures and sights not known to your sheltered self? Well, if you hadn’t that precious, treasured privilege of a personal decision on this matter, would you be so inclined to nobly accept the situation to which you were placed, or fuss and whine over the all too truthful fact that the portals, to return the comforts of your known world, would not be accessible for another twenty-five years, and that is if you even have the capabilities and quantities of luck on your side to spot them?
Captain Ror, with the deeply tanned skin, straight tufts of glistening silver hair, and a life shadowed by an age-old prophecy, is of course rather comfortable in this “place” that is just so frightening to those who journey through the portals to it. After all, the young Captain has lived his entire life in this land with its many lurking secrets and various forceful inhabitants. Upon the arrival of people from the other world after the unexpected opening of the portals, the kindly Ror, along with others of his sort, feel heaps of sympathy for the bewildered newcomers who had had enthralling lives as detectives, fashion models and rock stars before journeying through the portals.
Ror and his allies find themselves leading these people through the ways of their world, and protecting them from its many lurking, startling dangers. But will Ror and his many friends be able to locate the portals and send their new friends home, or will they have to leave them stranded in their own cold, dark land forever?
In this compelling adventure novel brimming with pounding excitement, readers will ultimately find themselves running right alongside the aggressive green-haired cannibals, valiant sorcerers and delightful chattering cats, just to name a few. Karen Langolf has spun “The Chronicles of Ror and the Whisehitel Portals,” making use of the vital threads of wit and delightfully clever humour,to create a brilliant story of complex weaving. Readers of all ages will take great pleasure in this stunningly fascinating and highly creative novel of great quality. Highly Recommended by Reviewer: Alison Griffith, Allbooks Review Int.
The Chronicles of Ror and the Whisehitel Portals
Karen Langolf
Cost: US $16.95
Publisher: Outskirts Press,Inc.
ISBN: 9781432762308
For more info:


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Genre: Fiction/Thriller
Author: David L. Saykin

Weighing the risks involved, including illegal ramifications, four friends decide to accept
a lucrative job offer from, Mr. Green, a well known underground businessman. They never dreamed they would be embarking on a supernatural, mesmerizing, but deadly journey. Their first assignment sounded relatively simple and after formulating their plan they celebrated their new profitable futures. The objective; obtain information on why a significant gambling debt is not being paid. Supplied with a healthy expense budget and a nine millimeter gun, along with the promise of half a million dollars to share, the foursome venture out on their first mission.
They meet the target Tony, at an underground gambling joint resulting in an invitation to his 268ft. ship. Here Tony holds a well- guarded meeting. Several wealthy international investors are then informed that a spectacular power source of energy has been uncovered in the desert of the Middle East. Archeologists and scientists have been working on the project, ISIS. They now believe they are closer to an answer as to how the raw untapped natural energy can be harnessed. The team begins working for Shoo Kan Industries, having been hired to find the three keys necessary to unlock the power source. They are to be handsomely rewarded upon natural completion of the mission.
Along with secret and double agents, bodyguards, sophisticated communication and weapons, the covert operation dubbed the ‘Cairo Project’ begins and events escalate dramatically. There are many nationalist groups involved; American, Russian, Asian, German, Japanese and Egyptians. This death- defying tale takes the reader from mountain summits, across desert in life threatening sand storms, futuristic armor plated vehicles and transport pods, to treacherous underground caverns, tunnels and crumbling tombs. Tension and excitement soar as the first and second key are located. Mystic seekers and protectors give clues along their journey but can they beat the odds fighting against multiple renegades? Will good prevail over the evil plan of world domination? Will the regeneration process be completed?
The author, David L. Saykin’s career background explains his script styled novel. He is a freelance writer with experience at the World Famous Apollo Theatre in Harlem New York. He has been a specialist/stage technician for bands and artists including the Grateful Dead and is currently working on the completion of the second portion of ‘The Kings Code’, to be released in 2012.
I would be remiss not to say that the first print needs some detailed editing, but that need not deter the reader from this electrifying tale. I would recommend this book as a very good read. Available at
Reviewer: Cheryl Heinrichs, Allbooks Review @

Author: David L. Saykin
Publisher: self
ISBN-13: 978-1456-547851
Pages: N/A
Price: $12.00 USD
May , 2011