Fabulous Franko and his Fabulous Toys/Review

Genre: Children
Author: Jane Matlock

“Fabulous Franko and his Fabulous Toys” is an entertaining children’s book written by Jane Matlock. This short story stars an eager protagonist (named Franko) with his special toy. However, every special toy that Franko builds, he ends up breaking it somehow. After breaking and finding five “special toys”, Franko becomes fed up and discouraged. In the end, Franko realizes that there are many things that you can do. You don’t need a special toy. You can learn how to skate, to dance; the possibilities are endless. This incredible children’s book teaches little kids that you don’t need objects to have fun. Friends and learning are all you need. “Fabulous Franko and his Fabulous Toys” is written in a fun poem form with fitting, colourful pictures. The words rhyme and kids (from age 7-8) will enjoy this great read.
Author Jane Matlock has a great love for language, creativity, poetry, and any form of art. “Fabulous Franko and his Fabulous Toys” is her very first published book. She is an adventurous woman and loves to travel. It was inspiration and experience from her travelling that influenced the writing of this book. Jane currently resides in Sydney, Australia. This book is recommended by Iris Park, Allbooks Review. http://www.allbooksreviewint.com

Fabulous Franko and his Fabulous Toys
Jane Matlock
ISBN: 978-0-9756719-1-7
Price: $ 17.99 US
For more info: . http://www.fabulousfranko.com and http://www.think-a-lot.com


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