Genre: Fiction

Title: Shakedown

Author: Erica Fuentes

Four women, who are very close, are also close to high-powered decision makers in Mexico. Follow these women, as they proceed with their lives and their jobs during a very important Summit meeting in Mexico City. Here, they will discover what really defines power as they uncover layers of deceit and corruption at all levels of a nation (and international relations).

Overall, the book flowed well with the exception of the multiple editing errors and near the end, where the author jumps forward in time without informing the readers. The four women portrayed in the novel are quite close, and this is evident throughout the novel as they unravel the layers of corruption within their nation (and at an international level as well). When they are together, they share stories of their personal lives and have good times together with lots of laughs.

In terms of how the four-some uncover or discover the corruption, I would say it is mostly one character, Carolina, who really does the work. And there are plenty of layers of corruption. The layers of corruption and the consequences if this information were to be let out are all well portrayed in this book. The window to true ‘power’ is what these women are reaching for as they aim to manipulate and influence to meet their own goals. These women are, also, very patriotic to their country, Mexico. The descriptive passages of Mexico and their culture definitely also show the patriotic nature of the characters.

Erica Fuentes, a lawyer, is the author of several books (both fiction and non-fiction), including Island Dreams, Salve Regina, and Hearts Ahoy! to name a few. Her books are written in both Spanish and English.

Overall, this book is interesting and entertaining (if a bit scary due to the ‘puppet master’ who controls all). This book is recommended by: Margaret Orford, Allbooks Reviews International


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