Review // Please God, Not Two

Genre: Memoir/Inspirations
Author: Alberta H. Sequeira

“I wish I had known more about the disease so that I could have spent less time being mad at you, and more time trying to help you.” Meagan Cahill

In a previous memoir, Someone Stop this Merry-go-Round, the author Alberta Sequeira bared her own tragic personal life. Married to Richie Lopes, with two daughters, Debbie and Lori, she thought they would have a good life. Expecting the ups and downs of family life, Alberta was not prepared to cope with her husband’s increasing use of alcohol. She could no longer recognize the man she had married and spent much time trying to shield her daughters of the impending doom.
He was not a ‘happy drunk’ as he continued the path to alcoholism. In his own denial he became abusive, his decisions erratic, lost his business and pride but more importantly, his family. The only important thing in his life was finding a drink. Alberta and Richie divorced, both moving on to a new life, but Richie did not stop drinking until he died. He was forty-five years of age.
Sixteen days after the memoir was published, their daughter, Lori Cahill died a horrific death. Diagnosis: Alcoholism. She was only thirty-nine years old.
Delving deep into her own well of pain and confusion, Alberta writes with point blank detail. Emotions, including her own doubts, guilt, regrets and hindsight are written from her heart.
Lori had been seventeen years old when her father passed away. It seemed as if she was getting on with life, school, job and aspirations of nursing. She had gone through the usual trials of a teen with peer pressure. At eighteen years old she moved in with a boyfriend, only to return home after a few months, pregnant. What seemed to be the best solution at the time would haunt both Alberta and Lori for the rest of their lives. Lori married, had two children but alcoholism is considered hereditary and had already taken hold of her. There were several upheavals in her life as the demon took control, her children moved in with sister, Debbie and her family.
Lori attempted rehab three times. Perhaps it was too late or she was not emotionally strong enough, she was unable to conquer the disease. Her physical and mental capabilities plummeted. Alberta vividly describes what the scene really looks like behind those hospital curtains. You are brought so far into this story you feel part of the family in the waiting room, hoping for a thread of good news.
Alberta’s faith and family support especially from her husband, Al gives her the strength to not only write to educate readers but she has become a public speaker about this terrifying, deadly disease. Alberta, her immediate and extended family believe that communication, knowledge about the disease, persistency and love are essential in the fight against alcoholism. Many family photographs are included. Alberta and husband Al Sequeira, live in Rochester, MA
I will not lead you astray; this is an enlightening but emotionally a difficult read, a reality for far too many people. Highly Recommended.
Reviewer: Cheryl Heinrichs, Allbooks Review @


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