Authors, PLEASE don’t try to rewrite the review.

Why ask a reviewer to review your book, if you are going to request that certain paragraphs be omitted, words changed, sentences added, etc? Reviewers are experts that give you their opinion and nothing more. Why ask them to change their opinion to make your book sound better. As the managing editor of Allbooks Review, I have had very few authors that have asked for changes. Our reviewers are professional that give an honest opinion. Once in awhile, an author tries to rewrite the review. Sorry but this is unacceptable.
In closing, don’t ask for our opinion if you only want to hear and read your own. Sound heartless, no just being straight forward (like an Allbooks Review) and trying to make a point. Please, learn to take constructive criticism if you want to be a good author. To the other 90% of you, thank you and best of luck with your book sales.
Shirley Roe, Managing Editor Allbooks Review


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