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Allbooks Review recently reviewed an excellent resource book for authors and writers. Purple Snowflake Marketing: How to make your book stand out in a crowd is a book filled with excellent ideas, tips and resource lists. Over the next few months we will be posting some of these tips and suggestions from this book. Stay tuned for some great ways to “Make your book stand out in a Crowd”

Purple Snowflake Marketing: How to make your book stand out in the crowd

Authors: Dave and Lillian Brummet www.brummet.ca

The success of your book depends on many factors starting with genre, release date, publisher’s policies, size of book, printer and publisher schedules, staffing, suppliers and condition of manuscript. The ingenuity, preparedness and experience of the author, personal finances and resources and location will determine the success of any book. All of this will influence how a book is marketed and reinforces the need for every book’s marketing plan to be unique.


Start by sitting at your computer and scan through all the previous postings on every section of your favorite writer’s forum and your publisher’s author forum. The reason for all this reading is that you will learn about reviews, marketing, promotion materials, media kits, distributor information….it is all there. With this information you can easily get a head start on your marketing plan. Effective, long-term networking through these forums can easily lead up to exchanging links, promotion materials and multi-author book events.


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