June 2009 Book Giveaway

AllBooks Review is hosting a book giveaway of the following books:

Honor Due by Author D.H. Brown

Honor Defended by Author D.H. Brown

Of Dreams and Nightmares by Author Shirley Roe

The Whittaker Family Reunion by Author Shirley Roe

A Call to Faith and Freedom by Author Shirley Roe

Growing Up Ugly by Author Donetta Garman (An audio copy and a paperback copy)

Fairy Glade and other Enchanting Tales by Author Dawn Beaumont-Lane (2 Copies)

The Vampire Valkyrie by Author Peter Klein

The Dancing Valkyrie by Author Peter Klein

A Full House – But Empty by Author Angus Munro (This is a signed copy)

To enter this book giveaway send an e-mail to allbooksmktg@aol.com Attn: Bob


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