Proud American Artist/Author in joint venture with Ottawa, Canada Students

How did American Geno Peoples, author of Ax Seeker of Justice come to be associated with gifted students from the ABC Ottawa Take-off program? Allbooks Review, managing editor and founder, Shirley A. Roe met Peoples during a book- signing event in Panama City, Florida. As an author promotion and book review source, Allbooks Review works with authors from all over the world. Ms. Roe and one of her regular reviewers, Emily Jane Hills Orford were working on a contest for the ABC Ottawa Take-off program. Roe thought that Ax, Seeker of Justice would be an excellent reading choice for these students.

Mr. Peoples agreed to supply the group with copies of his book, which the students read and reviewed. Students also read and reviewed A Call to Faith and Freedom, a historical fiction by Shirley A. Roe. A prize of $50 is being offered to the students producing the best reviews, as well as an opportunity to become one of the Allbooks Review regular reviewers.

ABC Ottawa Take-off program is designed to offer an opportunity for bright, gifted children, who have a particularly strong interest in a certain topic or subject. Emily Jane Hills Orford, a Canadian author created and crafted a course, Beyond the Ordinary. This book brought together eight remarkable youngsters who created a fascinating collection of stories. Ms. Orford is now working with students on a book-reviewing course. Allbooks Review was happy to sponsor the contest.

Geno Peoples, himself a gifted artist and author, is anxious to promote his first book. Mr. Peoples said: “Since the 911 disasters, I have felt a deep sense of pain for the families and the ones who lost their lives on that tragic day. After experiencing a dream of an innocent and pure, superhero filled with American pride, I began to paint my hero. My passion overflowed to the point where I began writing the book. With God on my side and plenty of determination, I went forward and never looked back. My greatest hope is that after people read my book, they will find peace and comfort in their hearts.

I am pleased to work with such enthusiastic and gifted youngsters.

The subject of the book is best described by one of the reviewers, here is an excerpt : Pursuing his lifelong dream as a firefighter in New York, young John Axle knows he can’t save everyone; but he is content to do what he can. Yet when he gets trapped under the rubble after the collapse of the Twin Towers in the 9/11 tragedy, he is forced to watch helplessly as 343 of his fellow firefighters die, including his best friend, Nick. So, when he emerges from the wreckage, reborn, wielding inhuman powers, he vows to see justice be served to the terrorists who killed his friends. He has become Ax, Seeker of Justice. AX Seeker of Justice will bring tears to your eyes long after you have read its final word of power. Boyu Huang, Ottawa Ontario.

Allbooks Review is proud and happy to bring citizens of our two countries together in such a worthwhile project. Reviews will be posted on the website and the winners will be announced in June. Shirley Roe would like to thank Geno Peoples, Emily Hills Orford and the students for making this project such a huge success. Visit the website: for more information. Full information on how to order this and many other excellent books, can be found there.

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